uh oh

supreme neglect again

these things happened:
September 24 this show Cryptic Histories at Narwhal Art Projects I had some text signs in

September 27 we had another event at good blood, bad blood
with readings and stories. also harp playing and candy apples. it was a real nice time

we have several artists on consignment in good blood bad blood as well
including Tomas Del Balso, Robert Dayton, Jesjit Gill, Patrick Kyle and Chris Kuzma, Andrew Zukerman and soon to be Jacob Horwood too
oh yeah I work there on Thursdays now. and Mondays are closed for fall or something
ok and next month coming up which is OCTOBER already we are going to do another event. Maybe something to do with the paranormal? WE'LL SEE

if you care send me an email if you want to do something.
if not disregard this message and go about your business.

oh and coming soon Jesjit Gill is putting on a show a screenprint show yah! There will be a zine made for it too. I will have something in that which I will post at a later date.

yep ok bye