so long, Good Blood Bad Blood

This past Sunday we held our final farewell event at Good Blood Bad Blood. We'd been open just over a year (opened May 1st 2009) but it was getting to be a bit of a financial strain. We decided to close our doors at a high point, and go out in style with a Funeral party. Almost everyone showed up in black too.

Joele and I made a mystical forest installation in the back part of the store, and Sarah made a video which she played on the wall and ceiling from a projector. Sarah also made this casket in which she wrote SEE YOU NEVER. Fitting. We had Carl Didur, Wet Nurse and Little Girls play. Here is a video of Carl's mad scientist show of musical wonders:

We're still waiting on some photos from that night, but here are some mediocre pictures I took with my old digital camera:

Joele made all the stuffed heads and clouds,

I made the paper machier moon

We both paper machied trees and painted them. Joele hung them so they were floating, they made the room seem huge! and eerie

I screenprinted the colour blends for the back as well as the green colour blends for the leaves which we painstakingly cut out a million of to scatter on the floor
Basically we created a demented children's theatre set. so much fun to make!

also it was on a full moon that night which made me very happy