SMALL BRAINS: Hobo Stuff n' Such edition

Thursday, January 20th
At the Beaver, 1192 Queen St. West
11pm- 3am

Hi it's me again, DING DONG

I know you miss me, because I miss you too.
I've been spending too much time at Coffeetime lately so this is the antidote. This Thursday at the Beaver I'll be playing music and eating snacks, come hang out and warm yourself, winter is the worst but yesterday I met a woman named Maria who is 95 and she told me to enjoy myself! and we should listen to our elders so let's have some fun. ok!?
SINCERELY and obviously,

ps. Bring snacks this will be like recess we'll all pool our treats and trudge around in giant snowpants. and then drink a bunch of beer or whatever


Also no cover. Small Brains happens the third Thursday of every month.