I feel more comfortable wearing a clown costume

You are invited to...
a very special SMALL BRAINS night becaaaause this month's edition is CLOWN CREDENTIALS aka Clowning 101: How to do Clowning, featuring the musical stylings of DJ Ding Dong and LOOK who's back, DJ Soft Serve! ALSO GUESTING THIS WILL BE DJ MEGA BURT, all the way from Baltimore!

Let us help you help yourself... we will play for you the best jams, wearing some crazy shit! (Ding Dong as a clown, Soft Serve as a jester) Eat some Doritos or whatever, stare around the room, look into someone's eyes and tell them how you really feel...whatever you want, it's cool.
Come on down we got what you need!!
see you Thursday,
Love Alicia E. Nauta, Rebecca F. Simonetti and Andrew T. Burt

Also just in case you really are interested in choosing professional clowning as your career path, I did a little research and found this on howtobeaclown.com:
Maybe you are one of those people who crack jokes or talk to yourself when there is not really anyone around to hear you. This is perfectly normal and no you are not crazy or loony, you are just clowning around!

See don't worrry about it you're totally normal!