boing boing

just ate a hotdog and printed these for an upcoming show Secret Geometry at Filip and Minae's house.........

The opening party is MARCH 30th
from 7 to 11 pm
267 Brock Avenue unit 103

Come and see works by Alicia Nauta, Tomas del Balso, Alexandra Mackenzie, Daniel Rocca, Luke Painter, Douglas Walker, Peter Kalyniuk, Randy Gagne, Vanessa Rieger, Reid Jenkins, Julia Dickens, Matt King, Joele Walinga, Sarah D'Angelo, Vuk Dragojevic, Steven Manale..

dj/vj sets by Randy Gagne & Matt King

Performance by Minae Omi


I will be putting some new collages in this show, and maybe my quilt too, stay tuned pictures coming soon!