SMALL BRAINS: Sandwich Appreciation Night

Join us as we toast the Sandwich all round for being a remarkable landmark in human discovery. Imagine: anything you like between two slices of bread. It's just plain brilliant, that's what it is. How come there isn't a holiday for this yet? People should take the day right off

DJ Ding Dong (Alicia Nauta) and DJ Fancy Feast (Joele Walinga) will play music in appraisal and gratitude for a meal that has changed both our lives, respectively.

If you bring a sandwich you can watch us eat it (or if need be we can watch you eat it)

***********dress code: NO RULES

The Beaver
1192 Queen st. West
Thursday, June 16th, 10:30pm to 2:30am

Small Brains happens the third Thursday of every month.
No cover ALWAYS snacks

ps. many thanks to Juliann Wilding for the sandwich, bought it off her at a garage sale!