SMALL BRAINS: No Parents No Rules

The Beaver
1192 Queen st West
Thursday, September 15th, 10:30 to 2:20am
Hey guys remember NO PARENTS NO RULES??
(This idea is actually best explained in one of my favourite
zines ever by Jessalyn Aaland 'Our Awesome Universe' try
and get it if you can it's really good)

BUT basically we always forget that life actually rules and
we can do whatever we want most of the time INCLUDING
listening to music really loud and eating junk food til we puke!!
Which is what SMALL BRAINS has always been about! and
also it's really important to be yourself, no matter how weird
your parents think you are

This edition of SMALL BRAINS is also exciting because I
have a very special guest DJ with me, introducing DJ CHOMP-
Matt King everyone!

We'll have snacks galore, NEstle Quick Sandwiches!
Cheese popcorn and caramel corn MIXED! Pizza on top
of ice cream sundaes! and

COOL OUTFITS of course (NO FEAR brand name clothing)

and of course the best tunes 2 dance 2.
hope to see you on Thursday!!
DJ Ding Dong and DJ CHOMP

OH but there is one thing I forgot, it's a side note, but NO
PARENTS NO RULES doesn't mean that you can be an
asshole, you still have to be nice to people you make out
with and mostly everyone ok?