SMALL BRAINS: Scorched Gruel

TOMORROW is gonna be HOT, EXTREME HEAT WARNING OF 48 degrees! Party with Satan and his eternal flames this Thursday with DJ Fancy Feast (Joele Walinga) and DJ Ding Dong (Alicia Nauta).

Don't die like Lindow Man did, a sacrificial victim from 350 BC, (whose body was preserved in a peat bog for hundreds of years and looked like a recent murder victim when found in the bog in the 80's:
he ate a piece of scorched gruel and ended up DEAD. Instead, enjoy the comforts of modern life, such as central air conditioning, packaged crisps and INCREDIBLE music. okay?

ALSO this will be DJ Fancy Feast's last spin for Small Brains for a while, she's going to be educated soon, somewhere else. But I shan't tell you where or why, you have to come to ask her yourself.

Come for a drink, or two, or three,
this edition of Small Brains is gonna be too real

The Beaver
1192 Queen st. West
Thursday, July 21st, 10:30pm to 2:30am

~No cover
~Always snacks
~Small Brains happens the third Thursday of every month