SMALL BRIANS: Hurricane Brains

At the Beaver 1192 Queen street west
Thursday, October 20
10:30pm to 2:30am
This edition of Small Brains will be happening live from the middle of a tornado!!!!!!!! Mild mannered house fans get unusually rowdy with wigs, clothing, clowns, paper machier clocks, stuff from my closet and others whipping around from the force of their gales...

Emerging from the gusts DJ Ding DOng and DJ Longhorn Grille play for you TUNES for all occasions (mostly celebratory)

ALSO this night is BYOF- Bring Your Own Fan, it's really important to think about this as a real possibility BECAUSE imagine what it would be like if everyone has a fan??? it will be totally crazy and everyone will be singing into them at the same time making that robo voice, think about it!!!!!

There will be a prize for best fan brought.

And, as always, SNACKS

see you there!!