Loot Bags for Doored

I just made 50 Loot Bags for Doored, a monthly comedy and performance night hosted by Life of a Craphead at Double Double Land, the fourth one was last night, it was so good! 
Klassic Kool Shoppe bags had pencils, a smiley face eraser, a bouncy ball, wind up walking jean pants (the butt wiggles), From the desk of Mr. Worm screenprint + some other printed paper, WE ARE NOT ALONE alien guy, one jolly rancher (because I accidentally ate too many and there weren't enough for two), and an ad clipped out of Hammacher Schlemmer (most ridiculous, expensive and useless inventions magazine)
 I sharpened them all at once after spending a long time picking the best ones out of a bin at Active Surplus, my favourites were the ones with a sunset gradient and RESPONSIBILITY! written in black over top with shooting stars