Honest Ed's for sale....

from Joële Walinga
This news fills me with desperate nostalgia, even though it hasn't sold yet. Honest Ed's is my favourite store in Toronto. I love the history of Ed Mirvish's life (he was a highschool drop out in Depression era Canada and built this crazy empire and department store for the working class), the hand painted signs, scratched out celebrity photos, the faded dusty quality of everything, the slogans, the carnival style lights.... it's been an inspiration to Alicia's Klassic Kool Shoppe and also a place where I've been able to get affordable supplies for various projects throughout the years.
"Welcome, don't faint at our low prices, there's no place to lie down."
One of my favourite signs would be "Don't bother our help they have their own problems" I dislike being a customer and being bothered so this has always suited me. I wonder what will become of Honest Ed's. I'll miss it so much!!!!!!! Sometimes when I'm feeling depressed I go just to look around and pick stuff up and then put it down again.