AL's Choicest Choices

I made a mix of some of my favourites old and new...

track list
Kill The Moonlight sample- Thomas Hendrix
Broken Bottle-Glass Sidewalks- Peter Grudzien
Europeans- Europeans
Gentle Persuasion- Doug Hream Blunt
Gonna Be a Big Thing- The Yum Yums
Hound Dog- the Psyclones
Hippie Hippie Hourrah- Jacques Dutronc
Martian Man- Lora Logic
I Got Something For You- the Edwards Generation
Georgia Peaches- Michael Farneti
Night Rider- Kenneth Higney
Sunshine in my Heart- Laurence Vanay
The Nights We Spend Together- Marc Mundy
Lluvia- Sueno Sueno
Here I Stand Knocking at Your Door- Lonnie Holley
?- Polisario
Please Go Easy With Me- S.E. Rogie
Ruler Of My Heart- Irma Thomas
Tunan- Mammane Sani et son Orgue
Fanta- Group Lewlewal

thank you and goodnight