A Stone is Nobody's at the AGO First Thursday

 A Stone is Nobody's 
Screenprint on paper
9ft wide by 22ft long
at the AGO First Thursday March 6, 2014
A Stone is Nobody’s references a poem of the same title by Russell Edson. In the poem, a mother speaks to her son, who has taken a stone as his property, telling him that “a stone is nobody’s, not even its own.”

Situated directly across from Janice Kerbel’s wallpaper piece, A Stone Is Nobody’s is a screen printed hanging banner, a curtain draped against a window, a large piece of wallpaper sagging off a wall, or even a giant cryptic map. Mysterious and elusive, like an ancient document yet to be decoded, the composition depicts an interior domestic space whose the objects have unfamiliar properties: the lamp gives off darkness, for example, and the perspective of the room is distorted.

With this work, the artist depicts a duality inherent in domestic life: our homes and objects are transitory, temporary structures that offer us sentimental value, helping to ward off feelings of isolation and loneliness. This piece struggles with the desire to find a place to belong to without claiming ownership to that place.