My project Thro Pillows on Clearance is part of OUGHT, an exhibition coming up at Xpace. I made an installation of a clearance section at Homesense, where my set of screenprinted throw pillows sit amongst abandoned, unwanted and marked down housewares.
Natalie Logan, 2014
November 21 -December 13, 2014
Opening Reception Friday, November 21st from 7-11pm
Xpace Cultural Centre

Artists Involved: Anna May Henry, Alicia Nauta, Natalie Logan, Madelene Veber, Meg Remy and Geetha Thurairajah
Curated by: JoΓ«le Walinga

OUGHT compiles the variety of suggestions posed by parents to their artist children in misguided attempts to support, encourage, or simply understand. OUGHT exhibits the materialization of these sometimes ridiculous ideas, as artists actually attempt to create or fulfill what was suggested of them. The show illustrates examples of non art-world or art-educated ideas of the function and aesthetic of art, while simultaneously illuminating the underlying encouragements and discouragements that exist at the foundation of the woman artist.

Thro Pillows on Clearance, Alicia Nauta 2014