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DJ Garbage Body’s Buddies: Alicia Nauta

I forgot to post this back when it happened. Here's some music videos I like, thanks for looking and listening. Thanks to Julie for asking me to contribute!!

Alicia Nauta is a super rad Toronto lady. She has sweet records and is a joy to hang with. I am proud to call Alicia a Garbage Buddy. Here are her picks for this edition of DJ Garbage Body’s Buddies. Enjoy, lovelies! xo DJ GB

Casina777 - I Don’t Want My Pizza Burning
This person makes animated videos that are especially funny and strange. I follow her youtube channel, Casina777. She and her sister used to sing the Rolling Stones’ “Beast of Burden” with the lyrics “I don’t want my pizza burning” and decided to make a video homage. This is very relatable for me and for most people, I’m sure. When you’re a kid (and an adult) it’s easy to hear song lyrics incorrectly and not find out until much, much later (maybe in an embarrassing way).

НОМ - Нина

This Soviet band (whose name translates to Scientific Research Institute of Cosmetics) started in 1984 in a cellar in the Moscow underground. During the ’80s their group was operating illegally, since all musical groups in the Soviet Union were supposed to be registered with the government. Amazing and weird video!

Superstar & Star - CD’s I Ain’t Missing You

My friend Jesjit Gill showed me Superstar & Star years ago. This guy is from some suburb in Omaha, Nebraska and makes the coolest music videos. In most of his videos he uses a security camera so the screen is split in four sections with him dancing or riding a lawnmower in different parts of his house, yard and driveway. This is one of my favourite songs of his but it’s very difficult to pick, as he is extremely prolific. His costumes are also incredible. Here is Superstar appearing on public access television (I think?). Check that single sequined sleeve.

Isla Craig - Dreamland

I love Isla’s cover of this 1976 Bunny Wailer song. The footage is of her at around the tender age of 13 or 14, I am guessing? Exploding Motor Car have made so many music videos that it’s hard to pick a favourite, but I love this video and song!

Mustapha Skandrani - Paris 1988

Mustapha Skandrani was an incredible Algerian pianist. This video starts with a cheesy animation with a book blowing open and some candle. It’s pretty dumb, but one of the best things about youtube is that anyone can make any kind of video for any kind of song. The video then goes to a live performance where he looks like an uptight grandfather playing in church, but it’s a beautiful, intuitive, weaving piece of music that flows like a little stream over pebbles.

Dog Leather - Bad Poets Society

I went to Baltimore once and I got to be in this video! I give a very brief thumbs up in it. This is basically what I want all music videos to be. I’m pretty sure they edited it with a VCR and video camera. Check out the alien mask, dance moves, drumming with no drums, and that paper mache weird man sculpture.

Ciccone Youth - Addicted To Love

Most likely to be sung in the shower or get stuck in my head for many days in a row. According to the comment section, Kim Gordon made it in a Make Your Own Music Video maker in a Macy’s. This is almost a karaoke version of a kinda shit song but Kim Gordon’s voice is really so good and makes it 1000% better! Ultimate getting ready to go out for the night song.

The Space Lady - Major Tom (Coming Home)

I love The Space Lady. She started playing in the ’70s during the Vietnam War. Her husband was a draft dodger and they made their money selling art on the street, but once she started busking she was able to support her family (they also had a baby, so her husband would stay home with their daughter). She began with an accordion and switched over to a little Casio, added a phase shifter and echo on her voice, plus that silver helmet with a blinking red light. She still performs in Santa Fe! Here she is, Christmas Eve 2012, wearing a sequined Christmas vest. I can only hope to be this cool when I’m older.

Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe pt. 2

This isn’t quite a music video but more of a weird commercial for Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe. My friend and very talented video artist Joële Walinga and I made this together and just finished it a day ago! It’s made up of footage from Toronto Island, my backyard and the alleyway behind my house.
Alicia Nauta is a Toronto-based artist and CEO of Alicia’s Klassic Kool Shoppe, a one-woman operation of screenprinting, collage, installations, wallpaper, art books and growing collection of small weird things.

Moon Shadow Halloween mix

I made another Halloween mix!
This one is a little weirder and moodier than last years maybe, but still pretty fun. thanks to Carl for showing me the Bonzo Dog Doodah Band's cover of Monster Mash, in my opinion it's much better than the original. Also shout out to Vanessa Rieger's halloween mix tape from five years ago at the White House, where I heard Frank Sinatra's Ghost of a Chance. It was so late in the night and sounded so good to me, and in my drunken stupor I took the tape home...I woke up in a puddle of regret and obviously returned the tape...but I still like that song.

Cheval Fou- La Fin De La Vie, Le Début De La Survivance
Frank Hunter- White Goddess
Kris Jensen- Torture
Teddy Fire- Revenge
Marissa Nadler- Loner
Bruno Nicolai- Giano
Bonzo Dog Doodah Band- Monster Mash
The Moontrekkers- Night of the Vampire (banned from the BBC for being too "morbid")
Joey Reynolds- Endless Sleep
Nick Carter- Abyss
The Monocles- Spider and the Fly
The Poppy Family- Shadows on My Wall
Sueno Sueno- Add Mosphere
Frank Sinatra- Ghost of a Chance (klassic kool edit)
 Claudio Gizzi- The Bedroom Chamber


hi! I haven't DJed in quite some time and am excited to be sharing the decks with Anni Spadafora and Zoe Solomon. We're playing only cassette tapes! and obviously there will be snacks.

Including selections from Boogie Woogie Mix Tape Library
Thursday, July 24th at 10pm



AL's Choicest Choices

I made a mix of some of my favourites old and new...

track list
Kill The Moonlight sample- Thomas Hendrix
Broken Bottle-Glass Sidewalks- Peter Grudzien
Europeans- Europeans
Gentle Persuasion- Doug Hream Blunt
Gonna Be a Big Thing- The Yum Yums
Hound Dog- the Psyclones
Hippie Hippie Hourrah- Jacques Dutronc
Martian Man- Lora Logic
I Got Something For You- the Edwards Generation
Georgia Peaches- Michael Farneti
Night Rider- Kenneth Higney
Sunshine in my Heart- Laurence Vanay
The Nights We Spend Together- Marc Mundy
Lluvia- Sueno Sueno
Here I Stand Knocking at Your Door- Lonnie Holley
?- Polisario
Please Go Easy With Me- S.E. Rogie
Ruler Of My Heart- Irma Thomas
Tunan- Mammane Sani et son Orgue
Fanta- Group Lewlewal

thank you and goodnight

First Thursday + Buddies auction + Doored

some upcoming things.....I DJ tonight at First Thursday at the AGO (the big egg) in Galleria Italia,
also happening tonight I have a piece in Keith Cole's Rock Hudson Memorial Tuck Shop at the Buddies in Bad Times ArtAttack fundraising auction, AND on Monday, November 11th I debut a costume in the intermission of DOORED, a monthly performance and comedy event put on by Life of a Craphead.
poster by Laura McCoy
Doored at Double Double Land
$7 tickets 7:00pm ~ Door 8:00pm ~ Show 8:30pm

Lisa Smolkin, Jess Carvalho, Reba Siamese, Kayla Lorette, Neil Lapierre, Zak Tatham & Aaron Mancyk, Gwen Bieniara, Bridget Moser, Paul Tjepkema of Fake Injury Party, Charlie Murray of CN Tower Liquidation and Daniel Goodbaum
also with fun stuff by:
×Costume - Alicia Nauta
×Groceries - * JIVA MACKAY
×Door - Zoe Solomon 4
×all Music - Man Made Hill
×hosted by Life of a Craphead

And as always the show is broadcast live at
and check out video and photos from past shows at

Halloween stuff n' such

It's almost here, my favourite holiday of ALL TIME
here is a hint at my costume, it's a surprise, a pickle surprise

also I made a Halloween mix!!! check it out
Alicia's Klassic Halloween Mix
Track List
Alessandro Alessandroni & Nora Orlandi- Demon Arise
Ariel Pink- Spiers in the Snow
The New Creation- Sodom & Gomorrah
Combustible Edison- Carnival of Souls
Rodd Keith- I Died Today
The Shaggs- It's Halloween
The Space Lady- Ghost Riders in the Sky
The Seeds- Evil Hoodoo
Lydia Lunch- Spooky
Sister Irene O'Connor- Fire
Man Made Hill- Shit Hex
Screamin Jay Hawkins- I Hear Voices
The Ventures- Fear
Anika- End of the World
Philip Sanderson- Low Flying Branches
Alessandro Alessandroni & Nora Orlandi- Caressing

I will be creating a screenprinted wallpaper installation for Ghost Hole V happening on Toronto Island on Saturday, October 26th, 2013. Get yer tickets! Poster by Julia Dickens, more info here

Like the solstices or equinoxes, ZACHT AUTOMAAT happens twice a year. Better than Groundhog Day, better than Christmas, better than your Birthday. Not as reliable as a Full Moon and not nearly as frequent as a Weekend. Come then and celebrate with us this event of moderate rarity - the biannual Automaat Appearance.

With performances by esteemed guests FLESHTONE AURA and SACRED LAMP and music by DJ DING DONG. Poster by Alicia's Klassic Kool Shoppe.

Together we will travel from aphelion to perihelion in the orbit of soul.

Saturday, July 27th at Double Double Land, 209 Augusta Ave
$5 (or more if you want)

happy new year...........

I hope yours was better than mine! I spent the day in bed until 9:30pm yesterday and then today came to work and when I got here I realized I don't start until tomorrow... oh well. this year I made a resolution to get ~CrAzY~ guess it's already happening....

I made this poster and will be DJing for a Zacht Automaat and Matt Dunn show happening on Friday. ALSO there is going to be a giant bowl of chips think about it


A casual night on the town with all your frills out and about.........
Thursday, January 12
11pm- 2:30am
No cover

Frills or tassles on a carpet are not necessary but make the rug look fancy. Frills on any goods are not necessary but are a luxury. No frills means to live without certain luxuries.

DJ AS IS (the one and only Cameron Lee)
DJ Ding Dong

Ruffles Chips
Tantalizing Treats
False Eyelashes all over our Faces
you know, frills and such in a darkened bar

SMALL BRAINS: A Worm's Worth

Thursday, December 29th, 2011
Holy Oak Cafe
10:30pm- 2:30am

What is a worm's worth????????
one cent? a dollar and a nickel? the most money that I can imagine is $200. We should all learn a lesson from worms, all they need is DIRT

Come find out just what a worm is worth, with a special edition of Small Brains at HOLY OAK featuring the musical stylings of:
DJ Ding Dong (Alicia Nauta)
DJ BJ (Sarah D'Angelo)

We will be dressed as worms to impress.
There will be a worm pinata,
gummi worms,
Mr. Worm dance moves

think about it

SMALL BRAINS: troll workout

Thursday, December 15th
10:30pm to 2:30am
The Beaver, 1192 Queen Street West
No cover

The wood is full of shining eyes,
The wood is full of creeping feet,
The wood is full of tiny cries:
You must not go to the wood at night!

Trolls lurking under bridges
Trolls behind the wheel
Trolls lurking behind the make up counter at Shopper's Drug Mart
and now Trolls playing music at popular bars on Queen Street

bring your favourite treasure troll out for a night on the town!!
~with your musical hosts~
DJ trollworkout (Filip Anton) and DJ Ding Dong

as always SNACKS
*we will be making Troll delicacies according to Troll 2

SMALL BRIANS: Hurricane Brains

At the Beaver 1192 Queen street west
Thursday, October 20
10:30pm to 2:30am
This edition of Small Brains will be happening live from the middle of a tornado!!!!!!!! Mild mannered house fans get unusually rowdy with wigs, clothing, clowns, paper machier clocks, stuff from my closet and others whipping around from the force of their gales...

Emerging from the gusts DJ Ding DOng and DJ Longhorn Grille play for you TUNES for all occasions (mostly celebratory)

ALSO this night is BYOF- Bring Your Own Fan, it's really important to think about this as a real possibility BECAUSE imagine what it would be like if everyone has a fan??? it will be totally crazy and everyone will be singing into them at the same time making that robo voice, think about it!!!!!

There will be a prize for best fan brought.

And, as always, SNACKS

see you there!!

SMALL BRAINS: No Parents No Rules

The Beaver
1192 Queen st West
Thursday, September 15th, 10:30 to 2:20am
Hey guys remember NO PARENTS NO RULES??
(This idea is actually best explained in one of my favourite
zines ever by Jessalyn Aaland 'Our Awesome Universe' try
and get it if you can it's really good)

BUT basically we always forget that life actually rules and
we can do whatever we want most of the time INCLUDING
listening to music really loud and eating junk food til we puke!!
Which is what SMALL BRAINS has always been about! and
also it's really important to be yourself, no matter how weird
your parents think you are

This edition of SMALL BRAINS is also exciting because I
have a very special guest DJ with me, introducing DJ CHOMP-
Matt King everyone!

We'll have snacks galore, NEstle Quick Sandwiches!
Cheese popcorn and caramel corn MIXED! Pizza on top
of ice cream sundaes! and

COOL OUTFITS of course (NO FEAR brand name clothing)

and of course the best tunes 2 dance 2.
hope to see you on Thursday!!
DJ Ding Dong and DJ CHOMP

OH but there is one thing I forgot, it's a side note, but NO
PARENTS NO RULES doesn't mean that you can be an
asshole, you still have to be nice to people you make out
with and mostly everyone ok?

SMALL BRAINS: Scorched Gruel

TOMORROW is gonna be HOT, EXTREME HEAT WARNING OF 48 degrees! Party with Satan and his eternal flames this Thursday with DJ Fancy Feast (Joele Walinga) and DJ Ding Dong (Alicia Nauta).

Don't die like Lindow Man did, a sacrificial victim from 350 BC, (whose body was preserved in a peat bog for hundreds of years and looked like a recent murder victim when found in the bog in the 80's:
he ate a piece of scorched gruel and ended up DEAD. Instead, enjoy the comforts of modern life, such as central air conditioning, packaged crisps and INCREDIBLE music. okay?

ALSO this will be DJ Fancy Feast's last spin for Small Brains for a while, she's going to be educated soon, somewhere else. But I shan't tell you where or why, you have to come to ask her yourself.

Come for a drink, or two, or three,
this edition of Small Brains is gonna be too real

The Beaver
1192 Queen st. West
Thursday, July 21st, 10:30pm to 2:30am

~No cover
~Always snacks
~Small Brains happens the third Thursday of every month

SMALL BRAINS: Sandwich Appreciation Night

Join us as we toast the Sandwich all round for being a remarkable landmark in human discovery. Imagine: anything you like between two slices of bread. It's just plain brilliant, that's what it is. How come there isn't a holiday for this yet? People should take the day right off

DJ Ding Dong (Alicia Nauta) and DJ Fancy Feast (Joele Walinga) will play music in appraisal and gratitude for a meal that has changed both our lives, respectively.

If you bring a sandwich you can watch us eat it (or if need be we can watch you eat it)

***********dress code: NO RULES

The Beaver
1192 Queen st. West
Thursday, June 16th, 10:30pm to 2:30am

Small Brains happens the third Thursday of every month.
No cover ALWAYS snacks

ps. many thanks to Juliann Wilding for the sandwich, bought it off her at a garage sale!

SMALL BRAINS: Serpent's Choice

Thursday, April 21st
10:30 to 2:30am
The Beaver
1192 Queen St West

Don't be fooled! They are living among us, walking our streets, thinking our thoughts, eating our hot dogs and becoming our friends...
This coming Small Brains will be a night to remember as DJ Fancy Feast (Joele Walinga) and DJ Ding Dong (Alicia Nauta) play for you slithering songs from our variable music libraries.

It's the choicest choice! This Thursday, Serpents drink for free!

No cover, always snacks
Small Brains happens the third Thurday of every month

SMALL BRAINS: Louse Lane edition

Thursday, March 17th
10:30pm to 2:30 am
The Beaver, 1192 Queen st. West

Hear ye hear ye,

March on down to Louse Lane, this month's edition of SMALL BRAINS, for a night NOT to be missed!

Comparable to the fun and excitement of ordering a you remember the last time you decided to do that? do you remember how good you felt when it arrived? Because it's basically the same thing...only with us your pals! (or mild acquaintances, whatever) We'll be lousing about playing our favourite music and making jokes at each other's expense...and as always there will be snacks!

DJ Ding Dong (Alicia Nauta)
DJ Fancy Feast (Joele Walinga)
DJ BJ (Sarah D'Angelo)

No cover
SMALL BRAINS happens the third Thursday of every month