Garments and fabrics

TWO small brains = ONE big brain

Collaborations between Eunice Luk and Alicia Nauta
Please join us for the Toronto launch of our book, 'Is this the right word?' as well as a new line of dyed and printed tote bags and sweatshirts. 

Likely General
389 Roncesvalles Ave
Wednesday, January 14

We will be serving a special drink ~ * the big brain cocktail * ~ with tequila, campari and citrus, plus a cool snack we make. Looking forward to seeing you!

I made this sign at a 3D Felting workshop that was at Xpace last's a cool process! You take a bunch of "fleece" which is wool that has been cleaned and carded, then stab at it with a sharp needle until it's in the shape you want.

the sun simmered in a dry red lake

Clown Club Patches, chenille iron-on patches 4" x 3"
Collaboration with Cameron Lee
from Curtained Eclipse series, double sided screen printed pillow cases, set of 2
The Clown Club Patch and my pillowcases will be available at Art Metropole's Gifts by Artists annual exhibition, opening December 5th!
Offering to Mt. Pleasant, 11" x 17" risographed print 
Mr.Baby print for Eliot (just turned 1 years old!) permanent wallpaper installation
Curtained Eclipse #1, 18" x 24" screenprint
Wheel of Fortuna, 18" x 24" screenprint
Witch's Klassic Kool Shoppe (eyes are watching), 18" x 24" screenprint, installed as wallpaper at Ghost Hole

Printed some Goodnight Moon tote bags, available at Newold's in Hamilton, or through me! 
(and soon to be Magic Pony) $15 big boi bucks.
sorry for the shitty photo, I only have the camera on my ipod currently...


Hello world,

I made some We Are Not Alone shirts
Do you want one? I am making more! They are hand dyed and printed. Do you believe in aliens? I do
Styled here with mickey mouse sweatpants, perfect for starting your work week

$15 ---->

Serpent Salesman

I made this giant 20ft (or so) Serpent for an Against Life (Garden of Eden condo salesroom) on September 17th that was at an abandoned greenhouse in Vaughn, it was the best, so beautiful inside. all the lights were reflecting off the ceiling, and there were amazing overgrown vines slowly taking over. I hung my serpent on these wire lattices that were hanging mid air. This is the recording that was playing from his mouth. It's me reading a condo ad slowed down with a little echo on it (thanks carl), I hardly had to change anything because it was so creepy on its own.

THis Friday

Okay guys
I made a sweater
I'm still not totally sure how...but here it is! I used a collage that I made (see post below) and screenprinted yardage of it. Then sewed it into a sweater shape. Here it is in a variety of places with different people wearing it. Sweater's day out.

ALso! It's going to be in this nice Christmas show happening at Narwhal Art Projects, opening this Friday,

suddenly fall

Today is a windy blustery day and though I will not admit to ever liking winter, it is nice to wear more than one item of clothing and make soup and stay at home making things and being warm. Here are some things I have been doing lately,

A zine I made (sold it at Zine Dream 3)

I still have some, I am selling them for $2.50, let me know if you want one. I was really lucky because the nice man at Kinko's didn't charge me for the million colour copies I made.
I made these tshirts also, I tye dyed them and then printed them. The lovely Joele was nice enough to model them for me:

These are also for sale! $20 ok?

ALso here is a pillowcase I printed for Intimate Stains, a print show that was at F13 for the month of August:

and here is Jeff jumping in a pile of pillows at da show

ANd now a bunch of stuff from my life that you may or may not want to skip over


JO joThis is my favourite thing in Joele's room. weird paper macher parrot facing the wall?
ok bye!

the tent

I've neglected to update for a little bit because I've been working hard printing and sewing and trying to understand structures but now it's all over. This is it! The end of my school career. I made a screenprinted tent guys!

It's up right now at Snowball Gallery 1690 Queen west. It comes down in a couple days though, on the 25th. Then I will be installing it again for the grad show at OCAD (May 6-9).

Here are some pictures: