My project Thro Pillows on Clearance is part of OUGHT, an exhibition coming up at Xpace. I made an installation of a clearance section at Homesense, where my set of screenprinted throw pillows sit amongst abandoned, unwanted and marked down housewares.
Natalie Logan, 2014
November 21 -December 13, 2014
Opening Reception Friday, November 21st from 7-11pm
Xpace Cultural Centre

Artists Involved: Anna May Henry, Alicia Nauta, Natalie Logan, Madelene Veber, Meg Remy and Geetha Thurairajah
Curated by: Joële Walinga

OUGHT compiles the variety of suggestions posed by parents to their artist children in misguided attempts to support, encourage, or simply understand. OUGHT exhibits the materialization of these sometimes ridiculous ideas, as artists actually attempt to create or fulfill what was suggested of them. The show illustrates examples of non art-world or art-educated ideas of the function and aesthetic of art, while simultaneously illuminating the underlying encouragements and discouragements that exist at the foundation of the woman artist.

Thro Pillows on Clearance, Alicia Nauta 2014


 Installation view of Moon Room

 October 18- November 15, 2014
Curated by Kristin Weckworth
With works by Adrienne Kammerer, Alexandra Mackenzie, Alicia Nauta, Carly Waito, Eli Langer, Eunice Luk, Hanna Hur, Heather Goodchild, Jennifer Murphy, Karen Azoulay, Kendra Yee, Lisa DiQunzio, Maggie Groat, Margaux Williamson, Maryanne Casasanta, Naomi Yasui, Nikki Woolsey, Patrick Krzyzanowski, Rebecca Fin Simonetti, Sab Meynert and Vanessa Brown.
  Alicia Nauta
Goodnight Moon mural
originally a collage, I used an overhead projector to paint the mural directly on the wall
approximately 11' x 9'
 It's only 5 after 10 clocks by Eunice Luk, and the evening and the morning wall hanging by Heather Goodchild, untitled ceramic sculpture by Naomi Yasui
 Aside the Table sculpture by Nikki Woolsey
installation view of Moon Room
Eunice Luk who took this pic when I was painting, thank youuu

Am I in my own house at all Mister?

I created a stairwell installation for the exhibition Imperfect Shadow at Artscape Youngplace, situated in an old school on Shaw just north of Queen. I worked with a series of collages from mostly the past year, and had them digitally printed on vinyl. I will be doing a talk with Ginette Lapalme and Keith Jones (who have installations in the other two stairwells) along with the curator, Karie Liao on November 4th from 6-8pm.
Am I in my own house at all Mister?
North Stairwell
Alicia Nauta

Through a series of open doorways and windows to another time and place, Alicia Nauta’s stairwell installation offers a glimpse of ruins from the future. Mysterious and elusive, like an ancient document yet to be decoded, the astronomical and celestial imagery as well as architectural elements suggest both natural and manufactured worlds. Many of the compositions make reference to strange interiors, where the perspective is distorted, and can be familiar and alienating at the same time. The source material for this work includes pre-computer graphic design manuals, ink drawings, quilting and crochet templates, DIY framing and home decor guides, illustrated botany encyclopedias, half-tone dot patterns of varying sizes, blobs and geometrical shapes. The printed materials are then cut and pasted, manipulated by hand and by photocopying, then transferred to vinyl. This installation can be seen as a continuation of Nauta’s past “wallpapering” works.

Art Metropole Zine Dream window

Zine Dream window by Alicia Nauta and Eunice Luk
August 6- 30th, 2014
A collaborative window of larger than life wooden book sculptures exploring the form and function of zines and artist books. Three different sculptures consider some of the many forms a book can take, and celebrate the potential of printed matter as a platform for creating, sharing and circulating ideas. The sculptures represent independent publishing as a way to create an alternative to the traditional art object, encouraging experimentation in an accessible form.
Eunice Luk (screenprint)
Eunice Luk (screenprint)
Eunice Luk/Alicia Nauta collaboration (screenprint)
Eunice Luk/Alicia Nauta collaboration (screenprint)
Alicia Nauta (screenprint)
Alicia Nauta (screenprint)

All six of our screenprints will be available at Art Metropole. We have also put together sets, you could potentially own all six! contact us for more information.

Zine Dream Window at Art Metropole

Zine Dream 7 Opening Party & Window Exhibit 
by Eunice Luk and Alicia Nauta
Friday, August 8th, 2014 at Art Metropole
1490 Dundas Street West, Toronto

Eunice Luk and Alicia Nauta create a collaborative window of larger than life wooden book sculptures exploring the form and function of zines and artist books. Three different sculptures consider some of the many forms a book can take, and celebrate the potential of printed matter as a platform for creating, sharing and circulating ideas. The sculptures represent independent publishing as a way to create an alternative to the traditional art object, encouraging experimentation in an accessible form.

New Chance (Victoria Cheong) is performing *IN THE WINDOW* at 8:30PM sharp!

Celebrate ZINE DREAM in its 7th year, August 10 at the TRANZAC 

Trampoline Hall banner

We Are Not Alone banner from last night's (May 5th) Trampoline Hall.
Thank you Joële Walinga for being the paparazzi photographer on Salem street and Jon McCurley for the alien mask (one of my most prized possessions)

one more

I also have a display/glass coffee table at the Drake until June 24th. Made of wood, sparkly fabric, metal ring, metal slinky-like piece, scratchboard drawing, xerox collage.

A Stone is Nobody's at the AGO First Thursday

 A Stone is Nobody's 
Screenprint on paper
9ft wide by 22ft long
at the AGO First Thursday March 6, 2014
A Stone is Nobody’s references a poem of the same title by Russell Edson. In the poem, a mother speaks to her son, who has taken a stone as his property, telling him that “a stone is nobody’s, not even its own.”

Situated directly across from Janice Kerbel’s wallpaper piece, A Stone Is Nobody’s is a screen printed hanging banner, a curtain draped against a window, a large piece of wallpaper sagging off a wall, or even a giant cryptic map. Mysterious and elusive, like an ancient document yet to be decoded, the composition depicts an interior domestic space whose the objects have unfamiliar properties: the lamp gives off darkness, for example, and the perspective of the room is distorted.

With this work, the artist depicts a duality inherent in domestic life: our homes and objects are transitory, temporary structures that offer us sentimental value, helping to ward off feelings of isolation and loneliness. This piece struggles with the desire to find a place to belong to without claiming ownership to that place.

DDL NYE 2014!

I did the decor for the New Years Eve Party at Double Double Land. Shapes cut from shiny blue paper, screenprinted banner backdrop, shiny 2-0-1-4, and screenprinted clear shower curtains. my revolving disco light broke though...

The Altar

some photos of the installation I did at the Music Gallery for the Wyrd Canada showcase! 
Zachary Fairbrother Guitar Orchestra
Zachary Fairbrother Guitar Orchestra
 Soul Sisters Supreme Redux 2.0
Soul Sisters Supreme Redux 2.0
b&w photos by Colin Medley
Bunting made with screenprinted paper, dyed fabric, printed cotton, neon orange trail tape, hung from the rafters and strung to the sides of the chapel 

 The Altar centre piece made with screenprinted wallpaper, astroturf, sawhorse, spiderplant, revolving coloured disco light (from Honest Ed's)

Weird Canada Showcase

I'm getting on the ye olde Megabus tomorrow to go to Montreal!
I've been busy making installations for the Weird Canada Showcase, happening Friday, May 10th at Casa del Popolo in Montreal and then on Saturday, May 11th at the Music Gallery featuring Jennifer Castle + Wyrd Visions, Zachary Fairbrother Feedback Guitar Orchestra, Soul Sisters Supreme Redux 2.0  (Isla Craig)

Get yourself a ticket! Here is a sneak preview of some wallpaper I printed, I'm also making bunting, more on that laaaaaaaater

Pinegrove Landscape Art & Creative Ecology

A couple weekends ago I went with some buds to Sheri and Clive's house and stayed in their red studio. They live on 92 acres and have an amazing place, including a woodburning stove (outside and inside) and a hot tub. We did some installations for an art crawl that was happening there, I put up a version of Alicia's Klassic Kool Shoppe, take a look:

Feast in the East 9

Hey all,
SO my lovely co-werker Cameron Lee has been doing the installations/projections for this great event that happens mostly monthly in the much neglected east end of Toronto. Local music, art and a free meal happen on each of these nights. Organized by Tad Michalak of Burn Down the Capitol, he also makes all the posters! This past Feast in the East I was invited to do installations, I made a giant 16ft banner of collage work. Rimmed with sparkly fabric. here it is!in le cosmic light

The Storefront

Joele Walinga and I recently installed our appliance storefront at Narwhal's new space in the Junction, located at 2988 Dundas St. West. Everything was made by hand out of scrap fabric, wood, and paper mache. All the signs are recreations of real signs seen around Toronto storefronts.

‘I am for an art that grows up not knowing it is art at all, an art given the chance of having a starting point of zero.’
Claes Oldenburg
Walking down a Toronto street it is difficult to ignore the beckon of the windows where stoves and bathtubs, plants, mannequins, sleeping cats, unconvincing advertisements, cleaning equipment, wigs, desks with people at them, bins and racks of coloured fabrics, and wooden handmade shelves full of oranges and some greenery from something coniferous stare you straight in the eye. These storefronts were created through personal collections and years of accumulation, and often act as a time capsule to another era.
By recreating our version of an ‘old world’ store front, we pay homage to these sun faded and unusual pairings; bringing the commonplace into a window that strives to be uncommon. The Storefront is a celebratory piece: through the reassignment of these practical objects we wish to give credit and appreciation to the vast and inherent creativity that exists in everyone, regardless of career.
There will be an opening CARNIVAL party night on Friday, August 5th (as part of the Junction Design Crawl). This will be the official launch of the new Narwhal space. There will be HOTDOGS, MARSHMALLOWS (to roast over a fire) a PSYCHIC in a tent, plus Joele and I will be decorating the back and playing our musical stylings (sort of a 'best of' Small Brains). It's gonna be the best! Come by if you can to check it out.

Halo Halo Village

Best new nightclub in Toronto.

I recently wheat pasted my collages into the stairway there, check it out:
Located at 208 Christie and described as 'A village inside a village, the newly minted HALO HALO Experimental Sari Sari Salon/ Earth Ship Satellite/ Workshop/ Happening Zone. A 2-floor exploratory impulse factory powered by tropical processes and outer visions'
Sari Sari Salon
the best
Jeff Garcia outer wall

wat else could you want????????