Poster work

Black Lives Matter

Very angry and sad over the ongoing police brutality and systemic racism that allows black men, such as Michael Brown, not only to be murdered, but for their murderers to walk free. I made a poster that can be printed out and photocopied, please use it however you like, online or plastered up on the street.
it's 11" x 17" which is a standard size for most photocopiers, you can also resize it.

Like the solstices or equinoxes, ZACHT AUTOMAAT happens twice a year. Better than Groundhog Day, better than Christmas, better than your Birthday. Not as reliable as a Full Moon and not nearly as frequent as a Weekend. Come then and celebrate with us this event of moderate rarity - the biannual Automaat Appearance.

With performances by esteemed guests FLESHTONE AURA and SACRED LAMP and music by DJ DING DONG. Poster by Alicia's Klassic Kool Shoppe.

Together we will travel from aphelion to perihelion in the orbit of soul.

Saturday, July 27th at Double Double Land, 209 Augusta Ave
$5 (or more if you want)

Hikashu & more poster

Just printed this poster last night. The background pattern is from the inside of an envelope I found on Carl's porch, garbage is coooool. Tad (of Burn Down The Capital) is putting this show on as part of Electric Eclectics, should be a good time.

Printed this poster for my friends Jordan Tannahill and William Ellis who run the amazing Videofag in Kensington Market. Videofag is a storefront cinema and performance space dedicated to the creation and exhibition of video, film, new media, and live art. All proceeds go towards supporting their programming, so get in touch with them if you would like one!

happy new year...........

I hope yours was better than mine! I spent the day in bed until 9:30pm yesterday and then today came to work and when I got here I realized I don't start until tomorrow... oh well. this year I made a resolution to get ~CrAzY~ guess it's already happening....

I made this poster and will be DJing for a Zacht Automaat and Matt Dunn show happening on Friday. ALSO there is going to be a giant bowl of chips think about it

A poster I made for Matt Dunn's LP release show

Just finished printing this poster. I printed it on several different colours of paper, the cream is my favourite though. This is going to be a great show- I haven't seen Matt Dunn play in a while and let me tell you, he is not to be missed! ALso with Carl Didur and Jennifer Castle. Two other Toronto gems. ok see ya...........

boing boing

just ate a hotdog and printed these for an upcoming show Secret Geometry at Filip and Minae's house.........

The opening party is MARCH 30th
from 7 to 11 pm
267 Brock Avenue unit 103

Come and see works by Alicia Nauta, Tomas del Balso, Alexandra Mackenzie, Daniel Rocca, Luke Painter, Douglas Walker, Peter Kalyniuk, Randy Gagne, Vanessa Rieger, Reid Jenkins, Julia Dickens, Matt King, Joele Walinga, Sarah D'Angelo, Vuk Dragojevic, Steven Manale..

dj/vj sets by Randy Gagne & Matt King

Performance by Minae Omi


I will be putting some new collages in this show, and maybe my quilt too, stay tuned pictures coming soon!

I feel more comfortable wearing a clown costume

You are invited to...
a very special SMALL BRAINS night becaaaause this month's edition is CLOWN CREDENTIALS aka Clowning 101: How to do Clowning, featuring the musical stylings of DJ Ding Dong and LOOK who's back, DJ Soft Serve! ALSO GUESTING THIS WILL BE DJ MEGA BURT, all the way from Baltimore!

Let us help you help yourself... we will play for you the best jams, wearing some crazy shit! (Ding Dong as a clown, Soft Serve as a jester) Eat some Doritos or whatever, stare around the room, look into someone's eyes and tell them how you really feel...whatever you want, it's cool.
Come on down we got what you need!!
see you Thursday,
Love Alicia E. Nauta, Rebecca F. Simonetti and Andrew T. Burt

Also just in case you really are interested in choosing professional clowning as your career path, I did a little research and found this on
Maybe you are one of those people who crack jokes or talk to yourself when there is not really anyone around to hear you. This is perfectly normal and no you are not crazy or loony, you are just clowning around!

See don't worrry about it you're totally normal!

SMALL BRAINS: Hobo Stuff n' Such edition

Thursday, January 20th
At the Beaver, 1192 Queen St. West
11pm- 3am

Hi it's me again, DING DONG

I know you miss me, because I miss you too.
I've been spending too much time at Coffeetime lately so this is the antidote. This Thursday at the Beaver I'll be playing music and eating snacks, come hang out and warm yourself, winter is the worst but yesterday I met a woman named Maria who is 95 and she told me to enjoy myself! and we should listen to our elders so let's have some fun. ok!?
SINCERELY and obviously,

ps. Bring snacks this will be like recess we'll all pool our treats and trudge around in giant snowpants. and then drink a bunch of beer or whatever


Also no cover. Small Brains happens the third Thursday of every month.


Just finished printing 100 posters tonight!
Featuring Jesjit Gill, Hannah Hilary Enkel, Morgan Criger and myself showing our thesis work
Opening reception on Thursday, April 15th
at Snowball Gallery, 1690 Queen Street West
6-10 pm