Is this the right word?

New book collaboration with Eunice Luk!
Is this the right word?, 2014
Edition of 200

Eunice Luk and Alicia Nauta
10" x 8", 24 Pages
Saddle stitch, risograph printed book. 
Metallic sleeve with silkscreen sticker.
Co-published by Alicia's Klassic Kool Shoppe and Slow Editions

This selection of drawings and collages is the 5th collaborative project between Alicia Nauta and Eunice Luk.

cover for OFFERINGS

hey y'all
I fell of the blog wagon...BUT I'm getting back on. ok?
This summer was crazy! I did a two week residency at Gibraltor Point on the Island, taught screenprinting at the AGO, curated a show (and made work for it) at Narwhal, went to Syracuse to visit a residency we put on through XPACE, tabled at Zine Dream and also went camping in Algonquin Park. I have a bunch of new work and pictures from all this stuff to scan so look forward to it (or watever)

Here is a cover I did for OFFERINGS for the month of August. You can still grab one, there are a couple days left! I did an interview on the inside too.

thanks for stopping byeeee!

A New BOok

Hey just made a book of collage work. Jesjit Gill printed them for me on his Risograph! They are on sale at Art Metropole and POM POM (new Narwhal shop in the Junction). They are $10. Let me know if you'd like one ( and I can mail it to you! no extra cost + a special something extra included.

Here is a sample of some pages:
crop image

suddenly fall

Today is a windy blustery day and though I will not admit to ever liking winter, it is nice to wear more than one item of clothing and make soup and stay at home making things and being warm. Here are some things I have been doing lately,

A zine I made (sold it at Zine Dream 3)

I still have some, I am selling them for $2.50, let me know if you want one. I was really lucky because the nice man at Kinko's didn't charge me for the million colour copies I made.
I made these tshirts also, I tye dyed them and then printed them. The lovely Joele was nice enough to model them for me:

These are also for sale! $20 ok?

ALso here is a pillowcase I printed for Intimate Stains, a print show that was at F13 for the month of August:

and here is Jeff jumping in a pile of pillows at da show

ANd now a bunch of stuff from my life that you may or may not want to skip over


JO joThis is my favourite thing in Joele's room. weird paper macher parrot facing the wall?
ok bye!

Cave Mind book launch and print show!

Poster by Jesjit Gill! At 107 Shaw Gallery.
With opening Saturday, November 28th 7pm-11pm
runs until December 17th
featuring works by: Steph Davidson, Michael Deforge, Tomas Del Balso, Jesjit Gill, Reid Jenkins, Alex Mackenzie, Alicia Nauta, Fiona Smyth, Seripop, Ryan Duggan (US), Noel Freibert (US), Keith Herzik (US), Chris Kline (US), Tetsunori Tawaraya (Japan), Brent Wadden (Germany), Yannick Val Gesto (Belgium) and Mickey Zachilli

Amazing cover and back page by Jesjit Gill

Loved this page, especially Keith Herzik (left side). He had some really crazy 20-something layer prints up at the gallery

Mine's on the left! And Steph Davidson on the right!
Visit here to purchase