Text and signs

I made this a couple weeks ago in a feverish daze when I was incredibly sick. There is this NO 1 CARES sticker that is stuck in the machine at Galleria Mall that I've been intensely longing for and trying to get out for the past two years

from The Typology and Topography of Repetition show

I made these big scrolls!Before I graduated, I printed a couple alphabets of my favourite wooden fonts from the Vandercook press at OCAD. I can now use these templates to photocopy, cut and paste, so I have ENDLESS LETTERS! I like the texture of the wood grain and the imperfections in the the type as a result of being printed over and over. also it's like writing a ransom letter. Once I finished cutting and pasting all three, I photocopied them and then screenprinted them. These are the biggest text 'signs' or whatever that I've ever made... click on da picture to make it larger,