A Stone is Nobody's at the AGO First Thursday

 A Stone is Nobody's 
Screenprint on paper
9ft wide by 22ft long
at the AGO First Thursday March 6, 2014
A Stone is Nobody’s references a poem of the same title by Russell Edson. In the poem, a mother speaks to her son, who has taken a stone as his property, telling him that “a stone is nobody’s, not even its own.”

Situated directly across from Janice Kerbel’s wallpaper piece, A Stone Is Nobody’s is a screen printed hanging banner, a curtain draped against a window, a large piece of wallpaper sagging off a wall, or even a giant cryptic map. Mysterious and elusive, like an ancient document yet to be decoded, the composition depicts an interior domestic space whose the objects have unfamiliar properties: the lamp gives off darkness, for example, and the perspective of the room is distorted.

With this work, the artist depicts a duality inherent in domestic life: our homes and objects are transitory, temporary structures that offer us sentimental value, helping to ward off feelings of isolation and loneliness. This piece struggles with the desire to find a place to belong to without claiming ownership to that place.

wallpaper at Double Double Land

My most recent wallpaper project. I screenprinted 265 18" x 24" size sheets, then pasted them up by hand. BIG BIG THANK YOU to Carl Didur for helping me with all the high up areas (from bottom to top at highest point measures over 20ft!!!). Thank you to Double Double Land for your help and support, and Julia Dickens for helping me varnish the paper.
new pine ledge and painted column
view looking up
down the stairs

wallpaper I made for Ghost Hole, screenprinted 160 of these! Lit with five salt rock crystal lamps. Wish I could have went but I felt awful the night of (hopefully there will be other Halloween stuff to wear my costume to...)

wallpaper for Mr. Baby

Put up this wallpaper I made for my friends' baby's room today. Seriously the cutest and wiggliest and friendliest baby! His name is Eliot and I hope he likes the wallpaper.
 dreams of donuts and gummy worms
 Mr. dad is gonna kick your arse if you don't come down for dinner

Likely General

OK so my friend Brooke Manning just opened this incredible store called Likely General at 389 Roncesvalles Ave, modelled after the traditional general store. The shop features handmade, small batch, responsible products. AND I got to design, screenprint and install wallpaper for the store! 
 I've done a couple wallpaper projects now and I really enjoy making specifically with someone/something in mind. Brooke has a great colour/design scheme with the whole store done in cream, black, grey and red, which I tried to match. It was a funny coincidence too that my wallpaper had this red half circle, and Brooke had bought these red mats in the same shape. I love that kind of stuff.


So happy to be the first featured artist at Airin Mcguinty's beautiful new store, Newold's in Hamilton. I wallpapered a big wall and have prints, tote bags and shirts for sale for the next month, go check it out! There is an art crawl this Friday, May 11th. Newold's is located at 240 James Street North. Guaranteed you will find a special treasure there, Airin's got the magic eye!
red to green blend inspired by this carwash mitt I got at Honest Ed's
sign by Airin, the best sign maker I know


Some pictures of the wallpapering and stage installations I did for Feast in the East. The wallpapers are screenprinted on manilla and are 18" x 24" I have lots left if you want!
Goodnight Moon was one of my favourite books as a kid; the illustrations were a huge influence on me. This is my version of the cover.
matchy matchy
corner 2 corner
astroturf, screenprinted vinyl shower curtains, tropical plants and favourite alien lamp (a gift from Airin McGuinty!)
Fresh Flesh!!!